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From your councilmember

For many organizations, the onset of Fall brings about the planning process for the upcoming year. Shorter days and cooler nights bring about a focus on what is needed for the upcoming year. For me, this happens each and every


Last week, I decided that summer had finally arrived, in spite of the recent wave of inclement weather, these benign fronts that resulted in cool, overcast, skies, while passing by one another without consummating their relationship. Following that brief but

Where have YOU been? A 20-year personal retrospective

Of course, no one will remember my first run as a columnist with the Pocket News back in the previous millennium. There may still be some folks in the neighborhood who were old enough to read back then, but anyone

In the Pocket

Pocket Aglow:  Kristi and Jeremy Morioka are ready for Opening Night of their third annual Pocket Holiday Lights display on Little River Drive near Martin Luther King School.  The “Angry Birds” theme returns this year. Notes Kristi, “When we are home,

Small But Mighty – Rotary Club of Pocket/Greenhaven Does What it Can to Help and Inspire the Community

Now in its sixth year, the Rotary Club of Pocket/Greenhaven has been doing what it can to help those at home and abroad with projects such as distributing dictionaries to third graders, launching a high school service club, supporting the

February 16, 2018 editionThe Pocket News is a fine example of how important local newspapers are to small communities. A celebrated paper held in high esteem by its readers, the publication serves as the only newspaper for the Pocket and