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Step into the Tsuchidas’ Shangri-La: Little Pocket residents showcase koi pond at Sept. 20 tour

Stepping into the backyard of the Little Pocket home of Mike and Molly Tsuchida is like entering a modern day Shangri-La, as a cat named Brewster takes a cat nap; two dogs, Bailey and Ray Ray tussle with each other

Changes to city waterfowl management practices

Most of us were brought up to feed bread to the waterfowl. In the past the birds would migrate away to the fields and waterways to forage for their nutrition. But most of the waterfowl at the McKinley Park pond

Southside Park established more than a century ago

Sacramento has for many years been a city renowned for its parks. And among the city’s older and larger parks is the Land Park area’s longtime popular Southside Park. It was more than a century ago that the park, which