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Forgotten Sacramento: Vintage vehicle renovations revisited

(Editor’s Note: In July, 1994, the writer of this article went on a cross-country walk known as the Walk for Justice. What follows are some memories of his journey.) A tanned young man with cheap looking clothes steps off the

Over the Fence

DON’T CALL IT A MCMANSION Last October, I mentioned in “Over The Fence” an enormous 3,700-square-foot, seven-bedroom, six-bathroom house in Carleton Tract was getting a complete makeover by Lincoln Creek Builders. I made a few wisecracks about how it didn’t

Dr. Pan helped Greenhaven residents ‘script (their) future’ 

Local residents joined Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) at the Asian Community Center (ACC) Greenhaven Terrace recently to hear from the representatives of the growing Script Your Future campaign about the importance of taking medications as directed. “Action is the foundation