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Mt. Whitney or bust!: Four leaders from Scout Troop 259 check Mt. Whitney off their bucket lists

Some ideas become reality, springing forth like so many dandelion tufts, exploding with the least provocation in a breeze. Others form slowly through wondering and contemplation which nudge an idea from concept through reality check to full-on execution. A recent

Community members start working on details to improve the amphitheatre in Land Park

Editor’s note: There will be a follow up story in an upcoming Land Park News issue about more of the details surrounding the amphitheater and neighbors’ plans to revamp it. Besides the annual Shakespeare festival put on by neighboring Sacramento

Fairytale Town Debuts New Sherwood Forest Play Structure

Fairytale Town unveiled a new play structure in the Sherwood Forest area of the children’s storybook park on Saturday, Feb. 16. With earth-tone colors and forest-themed elements, the structure was custom-designed to echo the entire Sherwood Forest play set. The

Land Park resident launches campaign to attract Whole Foods Market

Earlier this year, Land Park resident Whitney Roberts decided to put up a Facebook page devoted to Sacramento Whole Foods fans who would like to see a store in the planned project area of Curtis Park Village. “We are a

Trouble with trash? Confused about green waste collection? You are not alone

I often hear about constituent confusion over the city’s green waste pick up. I knew it was the perfect hot topic to share this month. Residents may choose to do either “containerized green waste” pick up OR “loose-in-the-street green waste”

California Middle School’s softball league field receiving much-needed renovation, needs funds

On Thanksgiving weekend 2010, a group of parent volunteers broke ground on what will be a much-needed update to the softball field at California Middle School. The timing is no accident – in the last three years, softball in Land