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Creepy Tales of the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery

If you’ve ever visited the old Sacramento City Cemetery at Broadway and 10th Street, you already know about the famous people buried there including E. B. Crocker, Mark Hopkins, Jr., John August Sutter, Jr. and many other notables. But did

Sacramento Historic City Cemetery established in mid-19th century

Editor’s Note: This is part seven in a series regarding Sacramento area cemeteries. Certainly one of the Land Park area’s most notable landmarks is the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery at 1000 Broadway, between Riverside Boulevard and Muir Way. This cemetery

Indigents to be remembered at East Lawn Memorial Park Oct. 20

In recognition of the indigents who died in Sacramento County during the past 160-plus years, an event sponsored by the Sacramento County Cemetery Advisory Commission, in conjunction with East Lawn Memorial Park, will be held at 4300 Folsom Blvd. this

Mystery of the Missing Markers

Editor’s Note: This is part two of a two-part series regarding the history of East Sacramento’s former New Helvetia Cemetery. It has been nearly 162 years since Captain John A. Sutter set aside 10 acres for his establishment’s first formal

Final resting place of city’s founder located in Sacramento’s oldest cemetery

Since the early years of Sacramento, one of the city’s premier landmarks has been the city cemetery at the modern day address of 1000 Broadway. And considering that it was the Swiss-born John Augustus Sutter, Jr. who founded the city