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Volunteers work to replant trees in William Land Park on last workday of the year

As the city has been full force cutting down 66 trees in William Land Park, members of the Land Park Volunteer Corps have been working with the Sacramento Tree Foundation to start the replanting process. Last Saturday’s park work day

As the Wood Turns: Volunteers Teach Leo A Palmiter and Elinor Lincoln Hickey Students the Art of Woodturning

Ten years ago, Ted Young decided he needed a hobby after he retired. He decided to take a class in woodturning – a type of woodworking where pieces of wood are turned on a piece of equipment called a lathe,

Faces and Places: Arden Neighborhood Planting 

Volunteers participated in the 11th Annual Tree Planting and Care event where they planted trees in Arden Park neighborhoods. This is one of dozens of re-greening efforts throughout the county with the Sacramento Tree Foundation’s NeighborWoods Program. Lunch was provided.

Sacramento Tree Foundation Aims to Improve Communities in Sacramento

This year the Sacramento Tree Foundation is celebrating 30 years of planting and educating in the Sacramento region. According to Ray Tretheway, executive director of the Sacramento Tree Foundation, their mission is to build healthy and livable communities by building

Cash incentives for tree planting

SACRAMENTO – The Sacramento Tree Foundation is encouraging civic, service and nonprofit organizations to apply for the Citizen Advisory Tree Committee’s (CATC) grant for fall, winter and spring tree plantings. This competitive mini-grant program awards between $1,000 and $15,000 to