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Door to Door

Like Diogenes who went with his lamp in the daylight looking for an honest man, I’ve been looking for a businessperson who supports a livable wage (around $15 per hour) in Sacramento. They were able to do this in Los

Bicycle shops have long history in the capital city

Editor’s Note: This is the first article in a series dedicated to the history of various past and present local bicycle shops. Sacramento has a rich history when it comes to the business of selling bicycles. Whether used for general


Coy Rene Granderson, Sr. sits in a corner book nook at Sacramento Avid Reader, signing books and visiting with friends and family. He is a large, attractive man with a sunshine smile that lights up as he talks with admirers.

New fitness and dance studio open near Pocket area

In 2012, mom and daughter duo, Corene Marshalek and Teajai Callander, moved to Sacramento from San Francisco, looking for relief from the high cost of living and stress of making ends meet. Corene had transferred job positions prematurely to later

Sacramento’s historic Japantown area was home to Japanese newspaper offices

Editor’s Note: This is the final article of a 13-part series regarding historic Asian districts of Sacramento. Sacramento’s historic Japantown, as previously mentioned in this series, certainly lived up to the “town” portion of its name, as it grew to

The Best of the East Sacramento News 2014

Dear readers, This year, the East Sacramento News has enjoyed bringing you stories about your neighbors and about the history that has made up the community you call home. What follows are summaries and excerpts from some of our favorite

Land Park artist’s latest works dedicated to his late father

Sacramento artist Jeff Myers, whose studio is located in Land Park, is presently presenting a solo art exhibition, titled “The Nature of Droids & Machines.” The works of the show are dedicated to his late father, Tom Myers, who was

Know your (former) neighbor: Adam Zeboski

Tahoe Park native and current San Francisco resident Adam Zeboski didn’t set out to become the poster child for a radical new HIV-preventative drug, but he’s embraced the attention regardless because he felt it was important that those might need

A woman’s drive to make Tahoe Park streets safer

Adelita Espinoza strides quickly through the crosswalk on Broadway and 53rd Street. “Tahoe Park is where I was raised and where my mother brought me home after I was born,” says the attractive, 40-something activist who works intermittently as a

One Big Family: The CK MClatchy High School Law Academy

Coming into high school, Emmanuel Alcala didn’t know what he wanted to do when he was all grown up, as the saying goes. But ask him now, as a junior, and he will tell you: A probation or parole officer.