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EASY MONEY: Superstition can be a powerful motivator in the art of playing the California Lottery. And many state lottery players swear certain retail ticket sellers are more fortunate than others. Into this elusive mix of serendipity and luck marches

In the Pocket

Pocket Aglow:  Kristi and Jeremy Morioka are ready for Opening Night of their third annual Pocket Holiday Lights display on Little River Drive near Martin Luther King School.  The “Angry Birds” theme returns this year. Notes Kristi, “When we are home,

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Kick starters: Our kids move. That’s one of the best features of life in the Pocket-Greenhaven community – very few sedentary youngsters. Adding to the athletic mix this fall is the Olympic sport of taekwondo. From its origins in 1950s-era

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Utility Blues:  Like a lot of residents in Pocket-Greenhaven, Chris Kleckner keeps an eye on her utility bills from the city of Sacramento. Unlike many folks, Chris has a long memory. Back in 2003, her utility bill averaged $73 per

Vagrant Kings?

Sacramento writer and longtime Pocket resident R.E. Graswich has written his first book, a definitive history of the Sacramento Kings, “Vagrant Kings: David Stern, Kevin Johnson and the NBA’s Orphan Team.”   Graswich, who covered the Kings during much of

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All for one: The idea is as old as humanity. A group of people come together for the collective good, looking out for each other, making the community safer and stronger. Now the power of the Internet is helping the

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Lost Pets: Sad to report that a neighborhood pet store, Pet Haven, was shuttered in May, leaving the Greenhaven Plaza shopping center in an unannounced move that caught many residents by surprise.  Countless Greenhaven-Pocket dogs, cats and birds found their

Del Dayo and Fulton-El Camino Youth soccer clubs draw hundreds of kids to the sport

Many of us played soccer as youths, whether it was because we showed a genuine interest, a particular knack for the game, or (more likely) our parents just wanted us out of the house in the afternoons. Luckily for local

Sacramento Soccer Alliance tryouts begin Jan. 19

In 2010 the leaders of the Greenhaven and Land Park Soccer Clubs joined forces and in partnership created the Sacramento Soccer Alliance (SSA).  The collaboration was in response for the need to provide a higher level playing opportunity in “age

SCUSD Area 6 election fallout: Singh files sworn complaint against Woo

Former Area 6 candidate for the Sacramento City Unified School District Board Shane Singh filed a sworn complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission against SCUSD Board Member Darrel Woo on Dec. 17. The complaint states that “Woo, his campaign