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Janey Way Memories #154 Thursday Mornings at La Bou

I retired from service with the State of California in 2002 after nearly 31 years on the job.  I was just 55 years old. I hadn’t planned on retiring that early, but after having cardiac bypass surgery in September of

Janey Way Memories #142

“What Goes Around, Comes Around” The week before last, I had lunch with a group of guys who once lived on Janey Way. We met to celebrate a visit from an old friend, Jim Costamagna. Like us, Jim grew up

Pocket author Kathey Norton releases new rock-and-roll novel

Set in the early 1960s to late 1980s, “What Becomes a Legend Most,” a new book by Pocket resident, Kathey Norton, follows the story of Cassie Hamilton, a singer and rock musician. The book details her past as a sexually

THE POCKET WATCH: Local entomologist continues his string of discoveries in web of intrigue

It’s difficult to talk to Terry Allen—even if you’ve known and loved him for 20 years plus, as I have—without occasionally stopping as he speaks and thinking to yourself, “There is no way that is true!” But then he pulls

Faces and Places: Arden Garden Market

Arden Garden Market debuted in the neighborhood on Saturday, June 21. The now weekly farmers’ market is carrying out an ambitious mission of feeding the body as much as the soul. Sacramento sits within one of the richest farming regions