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South Land Park resident speaks about his Swiss heritage, lengthy career

Swiss immigrant Ferdinand Morant is a man who knows sausages. This point is certainly difficult and actually useless to argue, considering that Ferdinand, 92, has been making sausages for the majority of his life. Although retired from his longtime career

Building bridges between Sutter’s hometown and Sacramento, specifically the Turn Verein

Kandern, Germany resident Peter Völker returned to Sacramento in February for the fifth time over the course of 15 months. Peter is on a mission to make Sacramento a sister-city to John Sutter’s hometown. Völker lives on the street in

Sacramento resident promotes German history, culture

The local German organization, Sacramento Turn Verein, has preserved and maintained German culture in the capital city since 1854. And among its current members is Hank Stoffel, who has the notable status of belonging to 17 different German associations. These