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Over the Fence: Charles Phoenix brings his retro slide show to the California Auto Museum

Charles Phoenix has been called the Ambassador of Americana, The King Of Kitsch, The Ringmaster of Retro. Who is Charles Phoenix? He’s all that and more. Phoenix is best known for his comedic retro slide shows which showcase his collection

Bringing back coffee to Riverside Boulevard: Vic’s Café to serve Temple Coffee and Old Soul baked goods

The 3100 block on Riverside Boulevard has a recent history of coffee shops that have come and gone. For xxx years until xxxx, Central Valley Coffee used to be the neighborhood go-to place for a hot cup of java. Also,

Local spots offer chocolatey concoctions perfect for your Valentine

Ah, chocolate. If ever there was a food with magical powers, this would be it. It has the ability to turn any frown upside down. And it’s a treat enjoyed by everyone – male or female, young or old, rich

Stop-N-Shop markets were leaders in city’s grocery industry

Anyone remember Stop-N-Shop grocery stores and supermarkets? It goes without question that just about anyone who resided in the Sacramento area any time from the Great Depression to around the days when the motion picture “Jaws” and disco were considered

Autos & entertainment: the enduring legacy of the California Auto Museum

    It has been more than a quarter century since a museum opened along Front Street, just north of Broadway, for the purpose of honoring automobile history. And now having a long history of its own, the museum is

Vic’s Ice Cream co-founder recalls beginnings of one of Sacramento’s sweetest institutions

  Many people around Land Park have grown accustomed to seeing a senior man riding an adult tricycle along Riverside Boulevard, with a pair of small dogs on leashes at his side. But what many of these people do not