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Valley Community Newspapers, Inc., publishers of the Arden-Carmichael News, the East Sacramento News, The Land Park News and The Pocket News is a high-quality, family-owned community newspaper group committed to providing truly local content to our readers and a targeted platform for our advertisers.

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Our publications are the premier community news and information provider in the Sacramento region. Our newspaper titles serve more than 70,000 readers weekly (more than 250,000 a month) and more than 15,000 unique visitors a month to our Web site.

The reach of our four community newspapers, The Pocket News (in green), The Land Park News (in blue), the East Sacramento News (in red), and the Arden-Carmichael News (in orange).Through our diverse distribution, our newspapers are delivered throughout the region, with special focus on Sacramento’s neighborhood communities like Pocket, Greenhaven, Laguna, north Elk Grove, Curtis Park, Hollywood Park, Land Park, Midtown, Alhambra district, East Sacramento, Elmhurst, Arden Arcade, and Carmichael. The papers are distributed by our delivery team to many of the businesses in these areas and through targeted proprietary display stands in key locations.

The areas we service offer a unique lifestyle that thrives on the support of regular community newspapers dedicated entirely to the interests and activities of our local communities. The Valley Community Newspaper publications are well established in the area and are considered “must-read” by local residents.


Our coverage locations were specifically selected for coverage due to their respective median incomes, spending habits, likelihood for home ownership or purchases, and propensity for local action, activity and shopping. Simply put: These are the communities that fuel the Sacramento economy.

Arden-Carmichael News

Regularly found at the most popular businesses in the area, the Arden-Carmichael News paper is known for its in-depth coverage of this unincorporated part of Sacramento County. The only paper currently offering exclusive coverage of the Arden Arcade community, this publication reaches a diverse population of families in one of the county’s wealthiest areas. This area also includes Jesuit High School, where many families throughout the region pick up the paper and get caught up on local news. Read the Arden-Carmichael News here.

East Sacramento News

Within the boundaries of the East Sacramento News are Midtown Sacramento, an up-and-coming center for economic and residential activity; the McKinley Park and Fabulous Forties neighborhoods, homes and homeowners so famous they have been featured in major Hollywood films; River Park, a welcoming community along the American River; and St. Francis High School and Sacramento State University. Read the East Sacramento News here.

The Land Park News

The Land Park News markets to one of the most influential neighborhoods in Sacramento. Land Park residents are many of the Sacramento regions’ opinion makers and business leaders. Also among the readers of this publication is Curtis Park; a family-friendly community bordering Sacramento City College; and Hollywood Park, a neighborhood recently experiencing an economic revival. Read The Land Park News here.

The Pocket News

The Pocket News is a fine example of how important local newspapers are to small communities. A celebrated paper held in high esteem by its readers, the publication serves as the only newspaper for the Pocket and Greenhaven areas. The Pocket and Greenhaven communities are also home to a series of gated communities bordered by Rush River Drive, Lakefront Drive, and Pocket Road. Read The Pocket News here.

Special Advertising Inserts

Special Advertising Inserts in the four neighborhood publications (the Arden-Carmichael News, the East Sacramento News, The Land Park News and The Pocket News) include the Real Estate Quarterly, Masters Club. Senior Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, Home and Garden Section Holiday Magic & Home for the Holidays. Read one of our special sections here.

Our Commitment

The owners and staff alike hold the company mission to “Build Community Trust” with great pride. It also reflects why the community newspaper business is booming while other newspaper sectors are in decline The Valley Community Newspaper group currently offers three advertising opportunities: Print Display Ads, Classified and Home Improvement Ads and Online Ads. Many different options and price structures are available.

To advertise in print in any of our newspapers: Call (916) 429-9901. Ask to speak to an advertising representative. To contact an advertising representative directly, please e-mail them at (listed alphabetically):

Melissa Andrews (melissa@valcomnews.com)

Linda Pohl (linda@valcomnews.com)

To purchase classified or home improvement ads: The Valley Community Newspaper group currently offers Home Improvement and Professional Services guides in the Arden-Carmichael News, the East Sacramento News, The Land Park News and The Pocket News. For more information on classified ads, contact Melissa Andrews at (916) 429-9901 or by e-mail at melissa@valcomnews.com.

To advertise online: Online advertisement is a changing market within the Valley Community Newspaper group as we just recently updated our Web pages. For parties interested in taking advantage of the new advertising opportunities online, please contact our ad reps. Call (916) 429-9901. Ask to speak to an advertising representative listed above.

To submit story ideas: Contact the editor of these publications by call (916) 429-9901 and asking for the editor, or email editor@valcomnews.com.

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